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AmiNet: Neue Programme hochgeladen


09.01.2016 AmiNet: Neue Programme hochgeladen

Diese Programme wurden seit dem 01.01.2016 neu hochgeladen:

DSM_0.1.6.lha 0.1.6 comm/net 18 16M i386-aros m68k-amigaos ppc-amigaos ppc-morphos ppc-powerup ppc-warpup Synology Download Station Tool(readme)
IconLib_46.4.lha 46.4.418 util/libs 14513 407K m68k-amigaos free icon.library in optimized ASM code(readme)
ARexxPatch.lha 1.0 util/sys 22 1K generic Patch small ARexx bug(readme)
MusikerSP.lha   mus/misc 78 8K generic Musiker AmigaGuide in Spanish(readme)
NoiseconverterSP.lha 1.53 mus/misc 79 4K generic Noiseconverter Spanish Catalog(readme)
RR_backdrops.lha 1.0.2016010… pix/back 114 221K generic A collection of Workbench backdrops(readme)
DevInfos.lha 17.21 util/misc 1613 639K ppc-amigaos Shows infos about a device and mediums(readme)
odyssey1.23_src.tar.gz 1.23 comm/www 79 44M generic Source code of Odyssey 1.23 for MorphOS(readme) Alpha 0.1 game/demo 66 500K m68k-amigaos The Dream of Rowan (Demo, WIP)(readme)
CruelSummer_Box.lha 2.4 demo/misc 75 455K m68k-amigaos 2009-12 unreleased oldschool intros/demos(readme)
Kaleidoscopycus_II.lha 2.7 demo/misc 69 348K m68k-amigaos Simple Demo: colorful Cycle Pixels(readme)
cop.lha 1.90 dev/debug 1260 162K m68k-amigaos Low Level Debugger(readme)
sgit.lha 0.535 dev/misc 739 1.0M ppc-amigaos A simple and incomplete git client(readme)
A3000-INT_2-Mod.lha 1.1 docs/hard 128 1.3M generic A3000D INT_2 motherboard modification(readme)
Amigaville3.pdf 3.0 docs/mags 137 43M generic Amigaville Magazine Issue 3(readme)
CxSP.lha 2.3.0 util/cdity 124 4K generic CX v2.3 spanish catalog(readme)